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Green Tea

Gong Cha's signature green tea

Pearl milk tea

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Oolong Tea

Freshly brewed, delicious Oolong Tea

Coffee Milk Tea

Gong Cha's special coffee milk tea

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Gong Cha which is also known as Tribute Tea originated in ancient China in around 1000 BC. Gong cha is said to be the best quality tea that were consumed by Emperors. Still true to its name, Gong Cha serves the best quality beverages in Malaysia. You can find both hot and cold drinks along with health tea. Gong Cha’s house special includes some fabulous hot and cold beverages like Gong Cha signature green tea, black tea, Oolong tea, Earl grey tea and winter melon tea. The freshly brewed tea can also be ordered here like Roselle tea. If you are fond of milk tea then try the cold and hot versions of Milk Oolong tea or Milk green tea. The other favorite beverage, coffee is also served at Gong cha. Order house special milk coffee, caramel milk coffee, Mocha or Americano. Health tea like plum tea, basil seeds lemon winter melon tea, honey lemon, Longan red date tea are the tastier shortcut to healthy life.

What's on Gong Cha menu?

The fabulous menu includes some of the best teas, coffees and other beverages:

  • Creative mix: On a hot day, Plum green tea, grapefruit green tea, mango yoghurt or Yoghurt tea is the best way to quench your thirst
  • Oreo: What happens when you can drink world’s favorite cookie? It becomes one of the drinks at Gong Cha menu. Yes, you can now have your favorite cookie mixed with your favorite drink only at Gong Cha. Order potted green tea with Oreo crumbs or potted Oolong tea with Oreo crumbs for the fun twist in your drink.
  • Latte Series: Green tea latte, Oolong tea latte or Winter melon tea latte, the wide range of selection has something for everyone.